About Northwoods

Northwoods, or Northwoods at Chapel Hill as named by Centex, is the unofficial name for our community. Although unofficial, like a nickname it is widely used and accepted, even by the Town of Chapel Hill. The official name for Northwoods is Northwood V, Phase 2.

Northwoods is a planned community and falls under the provisions of the North Carolina Planned Community Act. The primary purpose of planned communities is to establish and regulate community appearance standards and other restrictive covenants. According to the act, "a planned community means real estate with respect to which any person, by virtue of that person's ownership of a lot, is expressly obligated by a declaration to pay real property taxes, insurance premiums, or other expenses to maintain, improve, or benefit other lots or other real estate described in the declaration". Each Northwoods homeowner should have a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Northwoods V, Phase 2, which created and governs our planned community. These covenants bind the homeowners of Northwoods together in a mutually beneficial association with the principal objective of keeping the neighborhood in which we live attractive and protecting our investment in our homes.

The Act stipulates that the affairs of a planned community must be managed by "a lot owners' association" that must be organized as a nonprofit corporation, and establishes the powers of the association. Northwoods Homeowners Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation set up under the Act for the purpose of owning and maintaining the entrances and other common areas of Northwoods, fixing, levying and collecting homeowners dues, monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and conducting all business necessary to perform these duties and responsibilities. Homeowner dues are the only revenues received by the HOA to pay for conducting business necessary for the Association to meet its obligations. According to the Act, "the membership of the Association at all times shall consist exclusively of all the lot owners ...". In other words, all Northwoods homeowners are members of the HOA and there are no other members. The Act also contains standards for the Association board of directors and officers and requires that a majority of the directors be members of the HOA, or homeowners. The current Board of the Northwoods HOA consists of seven homeowners elected by majority vote of the membership.

Your Board of Directors has direct responsibility for all aspects of managing HOA affairs. This means you should contact a Board member for all questions, concerns, or other matters regarding HOA business. Many of the Board meetings are open for homeowners to attend, and advance notice about the open meetings is provided. We welcome your attendance and your participation in all our community affairs. Every homeowner would benefit from being actively involved in the affairs affecting our community, and Northwoods would benefit from your participation. It is vitally important for all homeowners to read and understand the Declaration of Covenants. We urge you to read it carefully and adhere to its provisions.

An online copy of the Declaration of Covenants is available in the HOA Documents section of this website.

Your Board of Directors

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